Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Best Tattoo Evan Rachel

Tattoo Evan Rachel Spesial Text

Heart and love tattoos are a great way to express love and devotion towards someone you care about. These tattoos have been ever popular for a very long time and the designs can be customized in many different ways to fit your personal preference. If you are interested in these symbolic tattoos, then you will like the following design ideas. Like Tatto on Evan Rachel Models,

Best Tattoo Evan Rachel
  1. Heart Tattoos: The classic heart tattoo design is shaped like a triangle that has been inverted. Besides this classical and standard style of the heart tattoo, there are many other different styles that are considered popular.
  2. Stars and Hearts: This heart design symbolizes happiness and positive opportunities.
  3. Golden Heart: This popular heart tattoo represents someone that is at one with their self and all things around them. The golden heart is a symbol of personal awareness.
  4. Pierced Arrow Through The Heart: The combination of the arrow and the heart symbolizes the sting of love.
  5. Love Tattoos: The popularity of love tattoos seem to be continuing to grow. Love tattoos are in high demand and have a long list of tattoo design that represent love and devotion.
  6. Cupid: Cupid is the Roman god of love and the design is an image of a winged boy carrying a bow and arrow.
  7. Eros: Eros is the Greek god of love and he too is a winged boy carrying a bow and arrow.
  8. Red Roses: Red rose tattoos symbolize love and passion.
  9. Jasmine: The Hindu symbol of love, Jasmine is a strongly scented white flower.

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