Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pippa's Popularity Continues To Overshadow The Royal Couple

...And The Royal Family

Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton, the 27-year-old sister of Kate Middleton, 29, who recently wed, Prince William of Wales, 28, now the Duke of Cambridge, continues to completely overshadow the royal couple in the press. It maybe due to her youthfulness and cute appearance.

Kate was meant to be the new Princess Diana, even dressing like her and doing things she did, but Pippa is the one dominating stories regarding the royal family. She even made the elusive cover of Tatler magazine.

Bloggers know what I'm taking about, as many of you are deliberately flogging Pippa stories for the page views. Case in point, I wrote an article on William and Kate and it received a healthy, but moderate amount of page views (Are Prince William And Kate Middleton The Right Match).

Then, I wrote an article about Pippa and it became one of the most read items on the website, with many other sites and social networking pages linking to it (Pippa Middleton Is Upstaging Her Sister Kate). I just found out yesterday in perusing the site's numbers.

Go figure! I'm talking Megan Fox and Justin Bieber numbers. Whenever I write about those two, the page views go through the roof. However, I do not write about people and topics for the page views. I write about what I think will be beneficial to or interest you the reader. Then, there are those articles where I just have PMS, but that's another story.

Alex Loudon with girlfriend Pippa Middleton

But back to Pippa - did the royal family see this one coming. Pippa has overshadowed them. However, there's also another issue that is not helping matters. The royal family made William and Kate, a duke and duchess and said titles sometimes do not connect with the populace.

William and Kate

The titles are not fitting for a couple in their twenties or thirties. It's the equivalent of prematurely aging them. The titles of prince and princess are always more catchy where the public is concerned, regardless of rank.

Princess Diana

Side Bar: back to Pippa again - to my readers, how long do you think it will be, before the royal family has her shipped off to Siberia for sopping up so much worldwide publicity, completely overshadowing them (LOL).


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